Ornamental Woodwork

Historical Reproductions

Displays and Exhibits

We have the experience to work in several different Design and Engineering fields from cutting and shaping of Aerospace Compoents, to Ornamental  Architectural Millwork

At Williamson Lumber & Millwork Inc, We have 45 year of lumber and millwork experience. we built a good reputation. for our ability to deliver on time and to specification. We were one of the first, Lumber and Millwork companies in Michigan to invest in Computer Numerical Control(CNC) Technology.

As a result we now have 25 years of CNC Cutting and Shaping Experience.

We strive, to have the latest, software developements, in advanced

Computer Assisted Design(CAD) and Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM)

We specialize in CNC Cutting and Shaping, of Lumber, MDF, Wood, Plywood, Plastics, Acrylic, PVC, Sign Board , Sign Foam, High Density Urethane, Solid Surfaceing Materials

PROFESSIONAL CNC Cutting and Shaping

Contact us at 810-395-4418 or Email to will@willmade.com